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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today I did a wonderful Yoga class! I'm so happy because my instructor Denise said, "Jennifer you are doing so well . . . I can't believe how flexible you've become since you first began practicing Yoga!"

She's right - my flexibility has improved considerably. I feel much more open and limber in the last year or so that I've practiced Yoga. More importantly for me, my balance has also improved (balance is a problem for most brain injury survivors). I still can't do Crow/Crane Pose for more than one second. It's not that big of a deal I guess because if you look at the below link, you'll see that Crow Pose is not an easy balance pose. But it still bugs me that I can't do it!

Denise told our class that if we practice Crow Pose everyday for one week, we'll be able to do it. So I promise to be a Crow for a few minutes everyday this week. I WILL PRACTICE - even in Mexico. Which by the way, is another important detail of my life. . . I leave for Mexico tomorrow! I'll be sure to blog when I get back.

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ddruce said...

Jen, You are an amazing woman. I'm so glad you are blogging about your experience as a TBI survivor. And excited that you are seeing your crow "come to life"!