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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Community Food Co-op of Utah (I'm a fan, thanks Kate)

As a child, I remember my mom saying things like, "I'm going to pick some stuff up at the Food Co-op" -- It was a store, a place we went to buy healthy, fresh produce. So, when I heard about "The Community Food Co-op of Utah," I assumed it was the same thing.It's not a store in Utah, it's a location where you pick up a box of fresh food -- straight from the farmer!
"Sounds cool," I thought. But I never got around to signing up (although I know a few other people who participate). That is, until I read Kate Wheeler's blog about it. She talked about all the great food she got, for really cheap. Recently, I've admitted that I spend a ridiculous amount of money on food - - eating out etc, and I'm too embarrassed to admit how many times I go to the grocery store per week, bottom-line, I'm trying to cut back).
The exciting thing is that I joined the food co-op and this month you'll never believe what I got!

1. one loaf of fresh bread
2. three zucchini
3. 16 oz brown rice
4. six apples
5. one 5 lb bag potatoes
6. three melons
7. mushrooms
8. eight bananas
9. asparagus
10.four fresh, whole artichokes
11. a bunch of radishes

phew! I think that's all of it. There's so much, I don't know how I'm going to finish it all. What do you do with radishes? I have no idea (I'll have to get creative).
The best part is that ALL of this only cost me $15! Can you believe it? I'm already planning tomorrow's meals...

If you are interested in taking part in this fabulous, fresh food co-op, go to:

(the below video is NOT from the Utah Food Co-op, but it gives a better understanding of the philosophy behind it).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm in Tahoe now (South, CA side!)

I arrived in Reno on Sunday May 24th. Today is Thursday, May 28th and I feel like the "vacation part" of this vacation has just begun. I mean the lazy, let's relax by the pool or watch tv kind of vacation.
Sunday night, we hung out with my cousin Melanie and her husband Sal. Monday morning, we left Tahoe and landed in Sacramento where my brother and his four kids met us at The California State Railroad Museum (the boys LOVE trains). After chasing kids and eating too much Mexican food at some local restaurant, we (as in my parents and I) decided to drive to Danville and stay at Brent's house for two days, to spend more time with the kids. Tuesday we went to Charlie's last T-ball game, Wednesday we went to Rachel and Lauren's "Heroes" presentation at school (they are in 2nd grade, and had to give a short memorized information bit about someone who has changed the world. Rachel was Rachel Carson and Lauren was Rosa Parks).
Anyway, now that I have my kid fill for a short while (I miss them already), we are back the hotel in Tahoe. Hopefully, I can hike in the morning because I haven't done any of that yet!
Alas, none of the Moshers are good at sitting around, doing nothing. So, I've been doing my final edit on the memoir (my goal is to send it to the publisher on Monday). I'm not much of a "lounge" vacationer - I like to do stuff.


IMPORTANT: I made a decision to avoid white flour 100% for the next month (my birthday is an exception. I will probably eat cake then). I've made it 24 hours thus far, and already I feel a difference.

DO YOU think I can make it the full month?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For the beauty of the earth

Tonight I went hiking up to Donut Falls. It started to rain a little, but said a silent prayer, asking for it to stop raining.

And do you think it stopped? OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I smell like wet grass and camping; the two most potent smells while we were there. I love that smell. I also love the smell of camping. I used to say I hate camping, but I'm trying to change my ways. I used to hate camping for the following reasons:

1. Inexperience. The first time I went camping in a tent was after college (aside from the time Brent and I pitched a tent in our backyard when we were kids).
2. My sleep disorder. (I can't stay asleep, and wake up to the quietest sound. A chirping bird ruins me). HOWEVER, this problem is obliterated, thanks to AMBIEN.
4. No desire. (they say change starts with desire).

WHO VOLUNTEERS TO TAKE ME CAMPING?? someone has to provide the tent, and I'll do the Dutch Oven.
For real, let me know!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Night Jam Session

And I certainly don't mean like JAMMING on my guitar...

I'm talking about JAMMING on my book. Geez, each time I say I'm finished, I find one more spelling mistake or one more misused word, so I have to edit, edit, and edit some more.

Recently, I realized that I've been trying to edit the whole thing on my computer, which is completely ridiculous because I can't see the entire picture on my little laptop. So, Kinkos is getting the best of me and I'm printing the whole thing (for my edits). I'm currently on page 99 and it's 156 pages (minus Dr. White's foreword, the Preface, the TOC, the Copyright, my acknowledgments, and my Disclaimer).

So, Happy Friday Night--my booty is already sore from sitting on it, laptop resting on my knees. I'm hungry so I might need a break soon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How to up your cultural understanding

Step one: attend many local cultural performances in one month.

Step two: see the same performance twice so as to better remember the details of the experience.

Step three: at least three different performance styles must be seen during the month (for example, you can't go to all dance performances. Try one theatre, one dance, one concert).

The above list is from first-hand experience. Tonight I just returned from attending my 5th cultural experience in less than three weeks! Yes, I said 5! Count 'em 5:

1. April 17th: Utah Symphony
2. April 24th: Ririe Woodbury Modern Dance
3. April 26th: Wicked at The Capitol Theater
4. May 3rd: Utah Chamber Artists at the Cathedral of the Madeleine
5. May 4th: Utah Chamber Artists again

I feel so uplifted and happy from taking advantage of the local arts and humanities again, that I decided to make it a permanent fixture in my life. I commit to have at least two cultural experiences per month. More is better, but I don't want to become too overly-zealous with my goal that I set my self up for failure. Besides, culture gets pricey. I'll blog about my experiences here (which gives me something else to write about besides How a Traumatic Brain Injury has changed my life).