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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm in Tahoe now (South, CA side!)

I arrived in Reno on Sunday May 24th. Today is Thursday, May 28th and I feel like the "vacation part" of this vacation has just begun. I mean the lazy, let's relax by the pool or watch tv kind of vacation.
Sunday night, we hung out with my cousin Melanie and her husband Sal. Monday morning, we left Tahoe and landed in Sacramento where my brother and his four kids met us at The California State Railroad Museum (the boys LOVE trains). After chasing kids and eating too much Mexican food at some local restaurant, we (as in my parents and I) decided to drive to Danville and stay at Brent's house for two days, to spend more time with the kids. Tuesday we went to Charlie's last T-ball game, Wednesday we went to Rachel and Lauren's "Heroes" presentation at school (they are in 2nd grade, and had to give a short memorized information bit about someone who has changed the world. Rachel was Rachel Carson and Lauren was Rosa Parks).
Anyway, now that I have my kid fill for a short while (I miss them already), we are back the hotel in Tahoe. Hopefully, I can hike in the morning because I haven't done any of that yet!
Alas, none of the Moshers are good at sitting around, doing nothing. So, I've been doing my final edit on the memoir (my goal is to send it to the publisher on Monday). I'm not much of a "lounge" vacationer - I like to do stuff.


IMPORTANT: I made a decision to avoid white flour 100% for the next month (my birthday is an exception. I will probably eat cake then). I've made it 24 hours thus far, and already I feel a difference.

DO YOU think I can make it the full month?

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