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Monday, May 12, 2014

The best way to eat for TBI Survivors!

So here I am, back on the "change your diet for better health" bandwagon! This time I'm doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox. There are three levels to this way of eating (purposely not calling it a diet). Level one is the most lenient and level three is the most restrictive. I'm doing level two and my sweet mom is doing level one. 
All levels have the following in common: NO refined carbs (no wheat, pasta, corn, potatoes even yams) such as bread, crackers, or chips. NO sweeteners of any kind (even the fake sugar kind). NO fruit other than green apples, green-tipped bananas, and grapefruit.

* It takes 3 weeks (21 days) to develop a habit, so by avoiding everything sweet for 3 weeks, you bust the craving all together! *


Sugar is bad!
I'm beginning day 14 of this 21 day sugar detox and I feel so wonderful. I feel like I've lost nearly 20 pounds (okay, the scale actually shows that I've lost 1.5 pounds). I feel light and clear in my head. This is why I feel this is such a great way to eat for brain injury survivors! 

I'm so excited about the way that I'm feeling, so I think I'm going to try level 3 after this 21 days is over. NO DAIRY in level 3! It's 100% Paleo and Whole Food 30, so very restrictive. Hopefully eating that way will completely improve my sleep!

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