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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blog - Day One

Blogging is the latest craze . . . I thought it was a waste of time but after attending a writer's conference today, I've changed my mind. So we'll see how this goes. . . :)

The conference was at Cedar Fort, Inc. in Springville, Utah. It was wonderful and so helpful to my own writing. I've written a personal memoir about my struggle with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) after I was severely injured in a car accident. I broke my neck in two places and fractured both femur bones. Oh and four toes but that is inconsequential when you're lying motionless and comatose in a hosital bed. Few people know of my injuries -besides those I've told or those who knew me before.

I really want to publish my book in hopes it will help other TBI survivors.

Anyway, the Aquisitions Editor at Cedar Fort asked me, "Do you have a website?" huh? I thought, of course I don't have a website . . . but everyone blogs now so I am going to "join the club" and start with a blog.

Who's the audience for this blog? um . . . not sure yet. Hopefully friends and family to start (I'm sure my mom will be an avid reader) but eventually I want to direct it to other TBI survivors. There are other survivor blogs out there but we'll see what I can do and hopefully market my memoir (once it's published).

ONE MORE THING: the title of this blog is also the title of my unpublished memoir. . . read next post for how I came up with this title.

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