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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Website~My Workout

WEBSITE: Today I purchased my own domain: ~ I still need to build my website and I'm not sure how to do it. Actually, "not sure" is probably not the right expression because I have NO idea how to do it but I'll find a way. I want to link this blog to my website and then sell my book on the website (first I find a publisher). My goal is to have the website up by August. So check back if you are interested.

WORKOUTS: Tomorrow I am going to post my TBI fitness philosophy: all TBI survivors should consistently practice routine exercise (i.e long walk everyday, fitness classes at the gym etc). I try to be religious about my workouts. It gives me something to focus on and I feel so much better: MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, and EMOTIONALLY - not just a little better, but a lot better! I need to workout in the morning and not the evening. I sleep horribly if I exercise after 5 pm. Once my dad told me that he slept better after a late night workout because he was so tired. This is only partially the same for me - I am also so tired after a late night workout but I do not sleep better. A couple years ago I was exercising in the evening because it was the only time I had available, but I attended a class at the BIAU(Brain Injury Assocation of Utah) yearly conference and the speaker warned us against late night workouts so I changed my schedule - bottom line, I am sleeping better now that I workout in the morning or early afternoon (in addition to some other sleep hygiene tricks which I will blog about another time).

Yeah so I gotta go because Justin Timberlake is on Jay Leno (no I am not a teenager anymore contrary to what you may believe considering I love JT and yes I am up too late again tonight. My whole sleep schedule is out of wack this week so I'm not living by words~ but what am I supposed to do if JT is on Leno?)

So you may think that I posted most everything about my TBI fitness philosophy, but oh no there is more to come tomorrow - I'll even try to post a photo of my favorite workout (one of them).

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