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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Magnificent Mind at Any Age ~ thoughts part 3

I'm learning so much from this book!

So the back bottom part of the brain is called the CEREBELLUM. I'd have to look at my medical records to see if my cerebellum was injured in addition to my frontal lobe, but I'm assuming it must have been because the The smile on my forehead extends around the back of my head.
The cerebellum is involved with motor coordination and also with thought coordination; meaning how quickly you can make cognitive and emotional adjustments, especially playing a sport (which is hard for me!)
Low cerebellar activity is also associated with poor handwriting (mine became so sloppy after my accident), problems maintaining an organized work area (ugh, it takes extra effort for me to keep work area cleaned, or my bedroom), being sensitive to light or noise (I sleep with an eye mask and also need to keep the TV volume down low because I hate loud noises).

GOOD NEWS: given that the cerebellum is the major coordination center in the brain, coordination exercises (sports, Yoga, music) keep this part of the brain tuned!
This is why exercise helps me so much, which is why I love it!

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