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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For the beauty of the earth

Tonight I went hiking up to Donut Falls. It started to rain a little, but said a silent prayer, asking for it to stop raining.

And do you think it stopped? OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I smell like wet grass and camping; the two most potent smells while we were there. I love that smell. I also love the smell of camping. I used to say I hate camping, but I'm trying to change my ways. I used to hate camping for the following reasons:

1. Inexperience. The first time I went camping in a tent was after college (aside from the time Brent and I pitched a tent in our backyard when we were kids).
2. My sleep disorder. (I can't stay asleep, and wake up to the quietest sound. A chirping bird ruins me). HOWEVER, this problem is obliterated, thanks to AMBIEN.
4. No desire. (they say change starts with desire).

WHO VOLUNTEERS TO TAKE ME CAMPING?? someone has to provide the tent, and I'll do the Dutch Oven.
For real, let me know!!



I plan to camp often this summer so I'll keep you posted.

April and Jacque said...

I like the idea of camping, but it seems so high maintenence getting all the gear. I am trying to change my ways also. Experience makes it so much better!

You da bomb girl. Hope all is well! Love, Ape

Julie said...

I'm sorry I can't take you camping... but I promise, as a former camping hater, it's all about having the right equipment!

Dennis & Jodi said...

i have just started reading your blog... my son, father and husband are all TBI survivors of all very different degrees.
we love camping--but we live in canada (not sure where you live) but you are more than welcome to come with us -- and our 4 kids and the!
I look forward to reading more of your blog! Please feel free to stop to my blog.