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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How did I survive my life B.A?

And no I'm not talking about my Bachelor's of Arts degree. Life B.A. stands for life BEFORE AMBIEN.

Tonight I went to dinner with Alisa (my neighbor and friend), and I described a specific night several months ago when my already exhausted self had to stay up far too late. I was tired. Irritated. Ornery. Unhappy. But, "that was before Ambien," I explained. She laughed and suggested I start describing events as B.A. or A.A. (before Ambien and after Ambien).

I'm sleeping so beautifully -now A.A- that I'm totally wondering how I actually survived B.A. Seriously. Imagine living your life with relentless cognitive exhaustion. That was me. Now I rarely reach cognitive exhaustion, and I feel incredible. I'm a new woman and willing to write commercials for Ambien.

The drug is my new best friend. I'm like a cheerleader.

Gimme an A. Gimme an M. Gimme a B. Gimme an I. Gimme an E. Gimme an N. What does it spell? AMBIEN. GOOOOO AMBIEN.

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Kate said...

This makes me smile. I am so glad that you found something that works so well for you. I am cheering for you too.