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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blogging Brain Lapse

I'm at a loss for blogging topics? Any ideas? HELP ME!!! I'm trying to make this blog Traumatic Brain Injury specific. But I've been feeling so great lately that I haven't been even considering such topics. So why am I feeling so good? I guess I've talked about this subject before in previous posts, but I really think it mostly has to do with one thing (I guess I found my blog topic):


I feel remarkably better on days when I have enough quality sleep. This is probably true for everyone to some degree, but for me it's like I'm not the same person when I'm cognitively tired (this kind of tired is different than the usual, un-brain-injured tired). Usually I smile a lot and I am pretty engaging, social, talkative. But when I'm cognitively tired I am not smiling, not engaging, not talkative. I don't want to be social and I just want to be alone in the dark.

Bottom-line (to the point because it's passed my bedtime and I must be quick. I know better than to deviate from my sleep schedule), this is what helps:
1. Healthy eating (no sugar or salt before bed)
2. Deep-breathing in bed, to calm myself
3. Exercise in morning or early afternoon
4. Ambien

YES, I said Ambien. Drugs, sleeping pills have been the real savior for me. This doesn't work for everyone and without the sleep-hygiene that I listed above, Ambien doesn't work as well for me. But finally, after almost 15 years of not-satisfying sleep every night (YES EVERY NIGHT FOR 15 YEARS), I'm finally sleeping like a normal person. PRAISE GOD FOR MODERN MEDICINE!

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