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Thursday, July 31, 2008

How will this aggravate my Brain Injury?

The following thoughts have been on my mind for some time now and I decided to blog about it:

Pre-accident/pre-injury, I spent hours (no exaggeration) planning my future, beginning with what classes I should take each semester to achieve my academic goals. I'd beg my friends to let me do the same for them (actually, no begging was involved- - they were pleased to let me do it).
Lucky for me, I enjoy this stuff because post-injury I need to plan how I am going to execute my daily activities or the pressure of remembering what I'm supposed to do causes me such fatigue that I feel like collapsing.
Whenever I do most anything, I need to ask myself two critcal questions:

1. How will this aggravate my brain injury?
2. Will I have time to recover from the activity?

For example, last night I was out kind of late (11 pm). However, I pre-panned this and knew I'd be okay staying out that late because I didn't have to work until later today. I slept in, then practiced Yoga at the gym (Denise counted 5 seconds on my Crow Pose!) and I'm home now, taking a break, before work.

Many people schedule their daily activities, but a Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor must also schedule recovery time from their daily activities.

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5 seconds on the crow pose?! Incredible. Let me know when you want Mike and I to count for you as well.