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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taking Back Beauty

Last night my actress friend, Sarah Kent, introduced me Tara Starling. Tara considers herself a beauty architect (yeah, she's a makeup artist) who started the MILLION MANIFESTOS Project. The PERSONAL BEAUTY MANIFESTO is each woman’s opportunity to declare for herself what HER definition of TRUE BEAUTY is. Not what Society tells her, and not what the Media has taught her , but what SHE believes to be true about beauty.

As I was telling Tara about my car accident and my book, I showed her the smile on my forehead (the scar) and she said, "that's beautiful!"

It is beautiful! My scar is beautiful because it's a mark that reminds me that I've overcome a great trial which has shaped my character, and made me a more complete woman. This is true beauty.


Raleigh Crowl said...

That's what I'm talking about, Jennifer! A visible injury after it has been healed or being handicapped after an accident isn’t a hindrance at all to reach your ambitions in life. It only shows how you've become stronger while you're in the recovery process. But anyway, what exactly happened in your car accident?

Unknown said...

Exactly! Car accidents are one of the most possible, devastating things to happen in a person’s life, and being able to survive and move on with the incident is one plain sign that women, or men even, are strong enough to face these types of challenges in life. Good job, Jennifer!

Amy Baron

Unknown said...

I hate having a scar, but that was really optimistic! Accidents was my friend for the past two years and it seems that it loved me very much that it wouldn’t let me go. Haha! It left more and more physical and emotional scars, but after talking to my lawyers and after reading this post, those scars will remind me of the stronger woman that I’ve become.

: Cindie Guevara