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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pentagon Plan Won't Cover Cognitive Therapy?!


I could not believe it when I read the title of the below article (click on it to read and also be blown away).

Pentagon Plan Won't Cover Brain-Damage Therapy

Here is a short quote from the article: "Tricare analysis of cognitive rehabilitation discounted studies showing patients benefited from the therapy."

It seems like just basic, common sense that cognitive therapy helps to improve the effects of a TBI. It's one thing if they said this kind of therapy was too expensive, but this is not the issue (or so they say). Let me just tell you that I am sooooooooooo grateful that I didn't have this Tricare medical insurance when my brain was injured. Our poor injured Veterans who do . . . !

Do you think I am going to write a letter to Congress?? ABSOLUTELY. . . and you should too!!

Click HERE to learn how to write a letter to congress (THANK YOU THANK YOU)

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