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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A healthy diet will improve your life with a TBI!

Read this about nutrition for Survivors

(You can read similar information all over the place. I absolutely regret it when I don't eat according to these suggestions -- too much sugar, too much salt, not enough vegetables - and I feel . . . bleh!)


Anonymous said...


Great link! I tend to downplay diet because it allows me to eat grilled cheese and ignore the cheese coma that follows. But, this summer I ate a vegan diet and despite all the chaos and pressure of starting a new position at work and just being in an intense and challenging period....i sailed through it with high energy, good sleep and mostly clear thinking.

I took the Fall off of the diet and noticed that I struggled with concentration and sleeping; so, i'm back on it since Thanksgiving and will see how it goes.

Jennifer Mosher said...

Yep EXACTLY the same thing happens to me - I eat healthy, feel great and fairly normal, and then I "fall off the horse" and . . .ugh . . . my brain feels like one big injured mess. I'm tired all the time and frustrated most of the time. Ooohh, having admitted that, I realize that I've been letting the holiday treats get the better of me.

Falalalala! Happy Holidays!