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Monday, July 19, 2010

You never know how you affect somone . . .

I received the following email today from one of the EMT's who responded to my accident in Kimball, Nebraska. I was only in Kimball for a few hours (if that). Her note got me thinking that you just never really understand how one moment can affect someone else.

I mean, I know how my accident affected me and those close to me, but not an EMT who comes in contact with many, many injured people. I just assume that she'd forget little old me. Her letter brought me to tears . . .


Hi Jennifer
Let me introduce myself. My name is Carla Goranson. I am an EMT-B with Kimball County Ambulance and I was one of the emt's that responded to your accident.
I received the Community Health Connection newsletter published by Region West Medical Center last week and as I began reading the article about you, I realized in the first paragraph that I knew you, in a sense. I remember your accident, especially that you were so critically hurt and your friend came out of it basically uninjured. I remember that we flew you out of Kimball Hospital by Air Link. Air Link was kind of new to us at that time so working with Air Link was exciting in it's self.
Then, around 3pm and I had just gotten home from your call ( I live in the country about 7 miles from Kimball ) when the pager went off again. This time for the restaurant next door to the jewelry store my family owns, for a man having a stroke. It was coffee time and something told me it was my dad. And it was. We are rushing him to Scottsbluff around 5pm. RWMC ICU unit was kind of oval in shape and just a couple of bays away is where you were. I remember looking over at you, in the bed, all the tubes, machines and with both legs in slings and all alone. I knew your family was on their way and had a long way to travel but I never got over the fact that you were all alone. The nursing staff was working with my dad so we were just waiting. I so badly wanted to go over and sit and hold your hand till your family could get there. I wanted you to know that even we did not know each other, a lot of people were praying for you. But I had only been an EMT for 3 years and I didn't know if I should even ask if I could. So I didn't. I have never forgiven my self. After all, it was just a question. The worst they could have said was no. I have since learned to be more aggressive and to not be afraid to ask simple question, no matter what the circumstances are. As we came and went with my dad, you were still alone. Your family got there as soon as possible, I think with in 12 hours or so of your accident. They moved my dad upstairs for rehab and I didn't see you again till almost a year later when you stopped in Kimball for a visit. I could not believe it was you. Of course when I saw you following the accident, you were so swollen that you didn't look anything like yourself. I was so excited to meet you in 1995, amazed that you were walking, without a limp and you seemed so normal. I have wondered how you have been since. I enjoyed reading the article and can't wait to get out of town to buy your book. You are truly blessed and evidently a very strong willed person to have recovered to this extent. May God bless you and continue to watch over you.

As I wipe away my tears, thank you Carla.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice letter Jennifer. Don't you just love hearing about what was going on around you when you couldnt know or remember. I love hearing it. I have asked family to write it down for me. I will bug them again.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer! This letter brought tears to my eyes too! I am still so thrown by the fact that you suffered such a terrible injury and recovered and yet seem unaltered by the accident! I pray God continues to bless you. You are a talented lady my friend!

marlamuppets said...

that is so special that she took the time to write the letter. such a good lesson in it too -- what a miracle you are alive jennifer!