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Monday, June 22, 2009

Ambien Tricks

What happened to my blissful seven hours of uninterrupted sleep? I thought Ambien had fixed my problem. But, last night was miserable. I barely slept FIVE hours and when I woke up, it took me forever to return to sleep. I don't think I ever really did fall back asleep. UGH! I lay in my bed...and lay there...lay there, practically twiddling my thumbs, feeling so tired, wondering why WWWHHHHYYYY I couldn't fall asleep. I felt like I was locked inside a torture chamber.

So I did some googling about Ambien, and I found the following quote, written by another Ambien user:

"I have taken for 1 years. I am 57 years old. Works great if I take it on an empty stomach, and get right into bed. If you take it and try to keep yourself awake, you can override the pill and be up all night."

Last night I did not have an empty stomach when I took Ambien, and I messed around on my computer just after I swallowed - hoping to get extra tired, thinking I'd sleep more deeply. Alas, my night of slumber was not so.

Therefore, TONIGHT I commit to going to bed with an empty stomach, and I will swallow the pill just before I lay down my head (usually I don't feel that tired for about ten minutes), and we'll see if this advice works!!

Until tomorrow...

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