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Friday, August 29, 2008

Tonight I bouldered at Rockreation!

So several months ago I practiced indoor rock climbing THREE times with the National Ability Center - I learned about the harness, the gear, and Kim Millikan at the NAC was my belay. It was difficult but invigorating to be on the wall. Tonight I tried it again with Denise Druce at Rockreation in SLC. This time I bouldered - no ropes, just my strength. Denise suggested I put this photo up - - to compare with the photos of me in the hospital, also on this blog.


ddruce said...

Jen, I loved climbing with you tonight. I had goosebumps watching you. Thanks for the inspiration you are to me and so many others.

marlamuppets said...

way to go jen!!

kim said...

Jen the photo is great! I'm glad you are still climbing! I had as much fun belaying you as I would have climbng!!

You rock... *laughs* sorry I couldn't help it!