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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tribute to Dr. White

Last night I had dinner at this fabulous Spanish restaurant in Salt Lake City: Cafe Madrid, which was voted one of the best restaurants in America by Bon App├ętit Magazine (February, 2008). I ate Grilled Pork Tenderloin served with a refreshing Apple and Raspberry Sauce, after we all grazed on three different divine tapas (appetizers). I won't describe the tapas in detail because my mouth is watering just thinking about the croquetas . . .

However, it wasn't only the food that was spectacular. It was also the company. My parents are in town from Minnesota so they were there and we were joined by Dr. Tom and Sheri White.

Dr. White was the surgeon in charge of my care shortly after my car accident in Nebraska, nearly 14 years ago. He and his family relocated to Utah just two years ago and we reconnected! Last night was our 5th time as one big, happy immediate and extra-extended family dinner group. Whenever we are together, we inevitably talk about my accident and it's always an interesting, informative conversation. He told me that he specifically remembers the nurse calling him a few weeks after my accident to tell him that I'd spoken my first words! At first he wasn't sure he could believe it and begged her not to joke with him . . . (I don't think I was expected to speak again).

Last night just helped me realize how far I've come ~lying comatose, unable to speak to smiling, laughing, and eating dinner at a restaurant with family. Thank you Dr. White!!!

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So great that Dr. White has relocated to Salt Lake and you are able to keep in touch.