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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Paleo Eating for the TBI Survivor!

I'm absolutely convinced that healthy eating and consistent fitness has helped me recover from my TBI (almost recover. . . if you're a TBI Survivor reading this, you know what I mean by almost. You never fully and completely recover from brain trauma. But this is the best I've felt . . . like, ever, since my injury).

The best way to eat, for me, as a recovering TBI Survivor, is to eat according to the Paleo Diet. That means Paleolithic, also referred to as the Caveman Diet.

In fact, here's an article by a TBI Survivor who's also convinced that this eating plan helps her (lose weight, sleep better and deeper, build muscle, feel all-around "cleaner").

Admittedly I've fluctuated on and off the Paleo Bandwagon. But, I'm promising to get back on starting now. I'm excited!

Check out this article for more Paleo and TBI inspiration:

If you have no idea what "eating Paleo" means, read this link: What is Paleo?


Yenni said...

Jennifer, I am with you completely on this. I'm a week into meat eating and paleo, 3 years into TBI recovery, and fresh into the holistic approach to healing. Now once this wave has fatigue has passed, then things will be looking up (sotiredrightnow).

Jennifer Mosher said...

I'm so glad you agree! Eating like this definitely helps me sleep more soundly (not always, but usually)!

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