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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nutrition has long been investigated as a possible treatment for TBI

The following article got me thinking, once again, about the importance of nutrition for a brain injury survivor. They are finding that good nutrition, especially high protein, will help in the very, very early stages of injury.

Interesting because I am a HUGE cheerleader for good nutrition even decades after injury. When I eat better, my brain feels better!

Read the article right HERE


Diane said...

you were the one who inspired me to start eating better almost two years ago! Thanks! It makes a huge difference in how I feel.

Jennifer Mosher said...

thank you Diane - that makes me happy!

Dennis & Jodi said...

I wonder if this is why they gave Sam fish in the hospital... for 3 meals a day! seriously.. poor kid used to love fish then they brought broiled fish with boiled perogies on top of it... ugh even I was grossed out!
He will rarely eat fish now!
(we even had a call into dietary about the 3Xa day issue and they could never get it right! SO I bought a lot of fruit cups at the canteen)