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Saturday, November 6, 2010

la la la la onion

So, about what I posted earlier, getting eye surgery to repair my double-vision. Scratch that. Yeah, that's right. Things have changed. After discussing it with the Ophthalmologist again, we decided to hold off on the surgery . . . for now. That's mostly because he put a prism in my glasses which makes the problem 95% better. I still see double slightly, but it is soooo much better that I don't feel so neurologically taxed all the time.

Maybe in a few years, if my vision reverts back to its old ways, I will look at surgery again. But for now, I feel it's best to wait.


Anonymous said...

what type of prism correction do you have in your glasses? mine is 2D Base In in each eye.

Jennifer Mosher said...

Mine is 3 in each eye.