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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brent Mosher the angel

I didn't ask my brother if I could do this, so I hope it's okay. But after watching the following video on, it got me thinking about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, supportive sibling.

Watch this video HERE

Brent once told me that my nurse, Duane, at Regional West Medical Center in Nebraska, had him help move me from my bed to the guerny and vice-versa. That really let him feel involved in my recovery.

Sometimes I wonder if loved ones are forgotten during tragedies, especially siblings, as the focus in on helping the injured. My injury and hospitalization was just as hard for Brent as it was for my parents . . . Watch the video and you will see that a Family Therapist agrees with me

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Dennis & Jodi said...

I agree too. I work harder at trying to make sure that I give as much (and sometimes more) attention to my other children so that they dont feel that Sam gets it all. I try to carve out time with each of them each week that is just mom and me time. It is great we go shopping or cook or whatever and I can connect with each of them. It is hard to do but I dont want them to think or feel that Sam is 'my favorite' or they are less important to us!