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Friday, June 11, 2010

Old Skool Halo Brace

My RWMC visit in Nebraska is now passed and it was a lot of fun, and very eerie for my parents. Of course, I don't remember any part of being in the hospital, but my parents certainly do!

"It smells the same," Dad said. And Mom pointed out the table they always sat at in the cafeteria. I saw my two respiratory therapists (they still work there and still remember me!), a couple nurses who took care of me, and my neuro-surgeon, Dr. Beehler.

Dr. Beehler is 84 years old now. He claims to remember my case but could not recall all the details. "You fractured your neck, right?" he said.

"Yes, you put a Halo Brace on me!"

Then he said something that surprised me. "We don't do the Halo Brace anymore," he said. "That's old skool. Now we fuse the bones back together . . . " or something to that effect. He was sort of giggling because my accident was long ago and medicine has progressed so much.

"You were alive back when we used Halo Braces?" That's what the next generation of doctors will say about my case.

I feel old.


Anonymous said...

Oh funny. Ya and now the hospitals are screening for TBI. It sure would have save a lot of heartache at our house if we would have known that right away.

Jenn said...

Your doctor sounds Old Skool. Too funny. How cool that you were able to go back and visit.