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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sales keep churning!

I'm able to monitor my book sales through the website. I only know when a sale was made and if it was a download or a paperback through, or a paperback purchase through Buyer names ARE NOT released (that would be against the law)!

Admittedly I haven't checked the website for a couple days. Well, I checked it JUST NOW and got some exciting news: I sold 9 books in one day. Okay, okay. Anyone who knows anything about book sales, knows that an author needs to sell a heck of a lot more than 9 books in one day to make it in this business! I remember once I heard a speaker at The League of Utah Writers who told us he got so excited once he hit the 1000 sales mark. Then someone in "the business" rained on his parade and told him 1000 was just peanuts.

I'm waaaaay past the 1000 mark, and it feels pretty wonderful!

Okay, JUST KIDDING about hitting the 1000 mark!!! (I know, I know, that probably wasn't even funny, but it's late and I'm tired).

I have a potential speaking gig on the horizon which might bring a lot of sales. More info later when it materializes because right now it's just talk between me and a friend (who has connections).

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