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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Universe:

My thoughts and prayers are with Olympic hopeful and top-ranked snowboarding pro Kevin Pearce who sustained a severe Traumatic Brain Injury while completing a twisting back flip. He landed on his head. Ouch. Well, he probably didn't feel it anyway. He is still in critical yet stable condition. The whole twisting back flip thing on a board baffles me (as I refuse to even try snowboarding because just landing on my bum can trigger brain injury flashback, but then landing on your head?) Oh Lord. This man has a long road of recovery ahead of him. I feel his pain for the next decade. Oh Kevin.

I'd never even heard the term "Traumatic Brain Injury" before I got one myself. Now, it seems every place I turn, someone is affected by TBI.



My awareness of TBI's has increased since I started working in the Brain Injury field. Recovery doesn't end once a person is discharged from the hospital and he the snowboarder does have a long road ahead of him.

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