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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've never been drunk, but this must be close

My eyes are starting to blur, and I literally just walked into the wall, and practically slipped down the staircase. This feeling is not the result of liquor, but rather it is because I just took my Ambien pill for the night. Go Ambien! I scream to everyone who will listen. Figuratively of course, because I feel super loopy right now. Typing on the computer is certainly not helping. My Sleep Specialist once said, "no computer before bed!" Alas, I've used the computer nearly every night before I go to bed. Yeah, I'm loopy tired right now. Which is such a beautiful feeling. I met Marla for dinner tonight and I explained to her that B.A (before Ambien) and A.A (after accident) I hadn't had a loopy, deep, filled with dreams sleep for over 14 years.

There's nothing worse than a restless, dreamless sleep, I tell you.

More people should put sleep on higher priority. I would babble more about this issue, but I'm looped of feeling so much loopiness. It's really hit me now, and I hope I made it safely into my bed. I love my bed. I wish I could marry it.

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