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Thursday, September 24, 2009

"I've heard of you..."

...and that's a direct quote, which proves without a doubt that my grassroots marketing campaign is working!
Tonight I went to the brain injury support group meeting at Intermountain Neuro Rehab. The speaker was a physical therapist who specializes in neuro rehab. She's passionate about health and fitness, and so am I (which means I loved her presentation). After the meeting, I talked to her about my published book and she said, and I quote, "Wait! I've heard of you!"
This was like music to my ears because it means that the word is getting out. People in Utah's brain injury community have heard of me and my story. AND THIS, this is 100% the purpose of my book: to spread the word about brain injury. Okay, admittedly it's 90% of the purpose. The other 10% is for my own sanity, and for my own need as a human being to understand what happened to me, and to document my experience.

I sold three books tonight. Once people see my flashy cover, they are sold.

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So glad the grassroots marketing is working.