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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lack of sleep = misery

Of course, this is a true equation for anyone.

Life just feels worse when your tired. Cognitive deficits are further aggravated with fatigue, which brings me to my main point: I'm not thinking very well today, because I DIDN'T SLEEP VERY WELL AT ALL LAST NIGHT.
It's my new sleep medication (no more Ambien, as it stopped working), and I'm having an allergic reaction to this new stuff. I swallow the pill, feel tired, lay in my bed, and then my sinus' clam up so badly, I can barely breathe. It's miserable. Call me crazy, but I can't sleep if I can't breathe! What happened to my blissful sleep?
Excuse me while I go eat something healthy for an energy boost so I can make it through my day. I'm so tired, and I wonder how I think I'm going to be able to walk today in my pink pumps (they are very cute though!)


Anonymous said...

If insomnia is wreaking havoc in your life and in spite of your consistent efforts you are unable to sleep at night, you should soon approach a doctor. After a thorough examination, your physician may prescribe sleep inducing medicines such as ambien or sonata. However these medicines should never be taken without a proper prescription from a doctor as they tend to yield side-effects which at times can be serious.

Jennifer Mosher said...

Thanks for your comment, but give me some credit!! Of course I'm receiving prescribed sleep medication from a sleep specialist. I've had an overnight sleep study and everything. :) It's just a matter of finding the right meds for me.

emily said...

Love the shoes:) Bummer about Ambien...I know how you feel!

HeidiTri's said...

The shoes are awesome! I couldn't wear them for five minutes with out breaking my foot!

I hope you find some new medication that works for you.