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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Late Loud and Large (thanks Britta!)

The other day I was at a small party and had just met this woman who, in the midst of conversation, said "Things are difficult for my family right now because my brother was severely injured in a motorcylce accident."

Accident? Injury? I perked up - "What are his injuries?" I asked.

"Well he's brain injured, among other things," she answered.

"I have a brain injury!" (those five words don't scare and depress me as much as they used to).

We had a short conversation about the different ways a TBI can affect a survivor. My friend Britta, also involved in the conversation, articulated the effects in THREE words and I love it (thanks Britta):
Late Loud Large

Bottom-line, TBI survivors should avoid situations that can be described by two or three of these words (one is usually okay for me).

example: You are invited to an event that starts very late, with lots (large) of noisy (loud) people. This situation will probably cause excessive cognitive exhaustion so stay away!! (personal experience)


HeidiTri's said...

The 3 L's. I love it, and with your permission, I'm going to pass it on to a few people I know. I like that it is direct and to the point.

Jennifer Mosher said...

No problem! I love it for the same reason! Pass it on. . .

Anonymous said...

This is awesome Jen. Do I get any royalties? Oh, and I think my two pretty major concussions qualify me to use the three L's too! I love you Jen! BN