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Sunday, October 5, 2008

BIAU Conference!

This coming Thursday and Friday is THE BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION OF UTAH FAMILY AND PROFESSIONALS CONFERENCE in Layton, UT. I'm really excited because this conference is so enlightening and revealing: with hundreds of people in attendance (TBI Survivors, family members, medical community), I realize that I'm not alone in my struggle. 5.3 million Americans have disabilities resulting from Traumatic Brain Injury and only a couple hundred will be at this conference.

Wade Justice, M.D. is the keynote speaker. He sustained a severe Traumatic Brain Injury three and a half years ago after his vehicle was hit by a drunk driver. He'll share his personal struggle with Brain Injury as well as where he is after "re-inventing" himself.

I cannot wait to hear his process -especially since I've spent the last fourteen years re-inventing my own self - and I hope to learn some valuable tips for living with TBI.

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April and Jacque said...

Hey girl- you'll have to let me know cool things that you've learned at the conference- also I would love to know updates on the possible book! April