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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hey, just an update if anyone is reading this . . .

I haven't written a blog post in yearrrrrssss (4.5 years to be exact)! This is partially because blogging feels more "old school" now that social media has taken over. Why blog when you can Tweet? The other reason behind my lack of blogging is that, well, I have little to blog about when it comes to TBI! Somedays my life feels very unaffected by TBI. I sleep great (90% due to my over-the-counter sleeping pill concoction of 1 mg extended release Melatonin and 1 Kirkland brand sleep-aid - buy it at Costco). I'll finish my Masters Degree in December 2020 (I'm attending Arizona State University online, studying applied behavior analysis - google it if you're unfamiliar). Work is good. I live alone in North Salt Lake, Utah. I'm happy and healthy. 

There is life after TBI (it's take 25 years for me to get to this point, however. Which is a whole lotta life lost).

But, I carry on . . .

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